Kevin James Tickets For Sale

Kevin James Tickets For Sale

Although Kevin James may be best known for his work on television shows such as “The King of Queens” and movies such as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” his career started in 1989 when he began doing stand-up comedy. now has Kevin James tickets for sale for fans who want to enjoy a live performance from the talented comic star. He normally performs in intimate venues and is one of the best stand-up artists performing today.

Kevin James Tickets for Sale

Kevin James tickets for sale are coveted items by fans of the talented actor. Some fortunate people even enjoyed some of his live performances in 1989 and the 1990s as he started building his career. He would be an announcer on “MTV Sandblast” from 1994-96 before performing several times on “Everybody Loves Raymond” from 1996-99. In 1998, he took the lead role of Doug Heffernan on “The King of Queens” and would act on that show for its entire nine-year run. He performed the voice of Mangiafuoco in the 2002 movie, “Pinocchio.” A cameo appearance as a fireman in “50 First Dates” followed two years later. His first major movie role was as Albert Brennaman in “Hitch,” a 2005 film.

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Many of those who will find Kevin James tickets at were first introduced to him when watching him perform in the title role in the 2009 movie, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” That movie was an instant hit at the box office as it earned nearly $10 million domestically on its opening day and would end up earning $183 million worldwide. He is also beloved for his performance as Eric Lamonsoff in “Grown Ups.” That film earned $271 million worldwide. Many of those who enjoyed that hilarious 2010 film are looking forward to the 2013 release of “Grown Ups 2.”

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Many fans who will buy Kevin James tickets from know that the actor is a native of Long Island as he was born in Mineola, N.Y., grew up in nearby Stony Brook and went to high school in East Setauket. He remains to this day a big fan of the New York Mets, New York Jets and New York Knicks. His second daughter, Shea Joelle, is even named after the former Mets stadium, Shea Stadium. The actor married Steffiana de la Cruz in 2004, and the two have three children. Gary Valentine, an actor who regularly appeared on “The King of Queens” as Danny Heffernan, is Kevin James’ brother.